Our Manual and Automatic Transmission Service

At D&F Autocare, we pride ourselves on being a holistic mechanic service, offering the widest range of mechanic services for our wide range of customer’s wide range of needs. As a part of this, our team of professionals offer a manual and automatic transmission service, as well as gearbox servicing, repairs and rebuilds.

All of our team members are highly qualified and passionate about what they do. We all love cars, and treat your car as if it were our own. It is for this reason that when you get a manual and automatic transmission service with D&F Autocare, your vehicle will come away with the level of servicing that allows for longevity and quality of use.

Why get a service?

Your vehicle’s ability to move through gears is critical to the health of your car, as well as the smoothness and overall drivability of the vehicle. If you’re unsure of how to service or repair your gearbox or transmission, be sure to drop down to D&F Autocare for one of our team members to have a look over it.

Whether you’re wanting a complete rebuild, or simply a tune up – our team can take care of your transmission and gearbox.

When should you get a manual and automatic transmission service

If you’ve noticed that your car is revving out or not revving high enough when changing gears, or you are having trouble changing gears on a manual transmission, this usually indicates that it’s time to get a manual and automatic transmission service.

Leaving this for too long can cause damage to your vehicle’s engine, creating more time and more money to go into the maintenance and repair of your car in the future.

Save yourself the time and the money by caring for your cars health today with a gearbox and transmission service.

Keep your ride smooth with a gearbox or transmission service.
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