Why get a Suspension Service

Suspension is an important part of the drivability of your car. If your suspension is too tight, your vehicle’s reaction to bumps and divots in the road will tense on parts of your car where the suspension should have taken the shock. If you’ve been experiencing this, consider getting a suspension service.

If your suspension is too loose, your vehicle will overreact to bumps and divots on the road, leading to grazing on the vehicle’s undercarriage, and damage to your rims and tyres. As well as this, the vehicle’s centre of gravity is constantly changing, creating more forces against the movement of your car and subsequently using more fuel.

If you’ve been experiencing this, consider getting a suspension service.

Still not sure?

That’s ok, suspension is not something people without mechanical backgrounds think to check or even think about when self-assessing the health of their own cars. Getting a suspension service from the trained professionals at D&F Autocare means that we’ll diagnose your suspension correctly the first time, and ensure your vehicle’s ongoing efficiency and smooth performance.

Our team pride themselves on the best service on the Sunshine Coast, and see a customer not returning as a failure. Luckily, almost all of our customers return to D&F Autocare to look after their vehicles, because we continually deliver:

  • Quality
  • Care
  • Consistency

And offer the widest range of auto servicing services.

Free Electronic Diagnosis

With any suspension service, or any of our other car services, we provide our customers with a free electronic diagnosis of their vehicle. Get the electrics of your vehicle tested, and hear from the experts what needs to happen based on the report we provide you with.

Ensure your ride stays smooth and book a suspension service today.
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