Car Servicing Tips

Have your Air conditioner serviced to remove all moisture and contaminates. This will ensure your air conditioner is working correctly.

Check your tyres for wear and pressure as this helps with performance and fuel economy.

Change your windscreen wipers at the change of the seasons.

Always feel free to get a second opinion and quote. An honest mechanic won’t have a problem with this and encourages it.

Change your brake fluid every two years. Brake fluid is hydroscopic and draws moisture from the air that can damage your brake components.

Check your oil and water every week and before long trips.

Have your head lights aligned regularly, especially when towing a trailer or caravan. This will make sure you don’t dazzle on coming drivers and they don’t dazzle you.

Have your air conditioner checked as the weather gets warmer as it can get moisture in the system and may not work to peak performance.

You pay for what you get. If it sounds too good, it probably is. They may be using cheap or inferior oil and filters and not looking over your car properly.

If your vehicle has a Diesel Particulate Filter, ensure it is serviced correctly and regularly. Ensure your mechanic is able to conduct a DPF Regeneration Burn Off.

Suspension components do wear, most manufactures recommend changing your shock absorbers every 80,000klm to ensure your vehicle handles properly.

Change your timing belt on or before manufactures time limit to avoid catastrophic engine damage.

Get a pre-purchase inspection before you buy a vehicle.

Have your brake rotors machined when changing your brake pads. This will improve your braking and help reduce wear in the brake pads.

Ask your mechanic or someone competent to show you how to change your tyre. This may save you time on the side of the road waiting for help.

If you are planning a long drive, ask your mechanic what spare parts you should carry such as hoses and belts and ask him to show you how to change them

Keep your eye out for a LADIES night. Come along and learn how to do some basic maintenance on your vehicle by a qualified mechanic.

Have your mechanic inspect your vehicle before travelling over the Christmas period. This may save an expensive repair while you’re trying to have fun on holidays.

Ladies night will be on Tuesday 2nd of December at 6:15 for a 6:30 start. Come and learn how to change a tyre, globes, check tyre pressure and more. RSVP by Friday 28th November on 07 5494 1222 to save your spot.

Ladies Night was a great success. A good turn out and some great information gained by those that attended. Keep an eye out for dates for the next one.

Don’t forget to check your oil, water and tyre pressure and wear before your Christmas Holiday trip.

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