DF Auto Care About Us

The Car Mechanic

Since our inception, D&F Autocare has prided ourselves on a few core philosophies.

  • Care
  • Quality
  • Convenience

Unfortunately, these are not all things that are usually associated with a visit to the car mechanic. It’s because of this that the team at D&F Autocare have made this central to our customer’s service experience, no matter the D&F car mechanic they use.

We love cars

It’s because of this love for all things cars, that any one of our car mechanics will love your car. With collective experience in the car mechanic industry, our team of experts treat every car and every situation with the level of care that is required.

We’ve spent all of our careers learning and growing in our technical knowledge, and evolving our service areas as the industry and technology has grown. As a car mechanic, we provide:

  • Car services
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • AirCon & Electrics
  • Diagnostics
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Gearboxes & Transmission
  • Brakes & Clutch
  • Suspension
  • Logbook servicing
  • Roadworthies
  • Pre Purchase Inspections
  • The Car Mechanics people keep coming back to

    If one of our customers doesn’t return to us for their car servicing requirements after their first time with D&F, we believe we have done our job wrong.

    We pride ourselves on a wide range of services, the highest level of service and the honesty and integrity customers look for in a car mechanic.

    This is why our customers do come back to D&F, again and again. Aside from servicing their vehicles and keeping them safe on the road, our team give back to our local community by giving car mechanic tips and events to share the knowledge we have and empower our community to take care of the thing we love most, cars.

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